Legendary outlander founders pack

available skin with Limited Edition

Outlander is one of four classes in Fortnite. The Outlander class explores levels and gathers materials for their team.

The Outlander is a lone-wolf whose abilities specialize in survival.

Gear Edit

Abilities Edit

Loot Llama capacity Edit

  • The Llama fragment deploys the Loot Llama, which is really its own reward when you think about it. Whack the Loot Llama with a harvesting tool to get building materials and crafting ingredients before it disappears. The Llama Fragment is a special case and will stack on top of any other Fragment Ability you may have. When you have a Llama Fragment, it will always be used first.

Shock Tower Edit

  • Cost: 1 Ammo: Fragment Charger
  • Cool Down: 2 Seconds
  • Chain lightning, doing a base of 16 energy damage to enemies within 1.367 tiles. Stunning Smaller enemies after multiple hits. The Shock tower pulses every 1 seconds, and lasts for 6 seconds. The initial lightning can chain 2 more time, striking up to 14 enemies total during each pulse. Hold a Maximum of 2 regular Charge Fragments and additional Llama Fragment.

Phase Shift (Blink) Edit

  • Cost: 20 energy
  • Cost: 1 Teleport Charge. Ammo Regen Time: 15 Seconds. Rapidly shifts 1.562 tiles in the direction currently moving.

Anti-Material Charge Edit

  • Cost: 35 energy
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Perform a punch that travels 0.5 tiles, dealing damage to any structure punched, and 118.3 blunt damage to enemies struck. This punch will knock back smaller enemies.

T. E. D. D.Y. Edit

  • Cost: 1 ammo fragment Charge
  • Cooldown: 2 Seconds
  • Consumes a charge fragment to deploy TEDDY for 15 seconds, TEDDY will blast enemies within 4 tiles for a base of 10 physical damage 4 times per second. Bonuses from Secondary heroes can extend the amount of time TEDDY is deployed.

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