Ninja is one of four classes in Fortnite. The ninja is an excellent melee warrior and faster than most classes although less beefy than the Constructor class.

The ninja class is for players focusing on fast attacks and techniques, making it a great offensive class if mastered correctly.

Gear Edit

The ninja will often be seen armed with melee weapons.

Specialties Edit

Each class has several different subsets of that character. These Specialties determine what perks your character will have. The Ninja has 10 Specialties:

Sub Class Icons
Ninja HID Ninja 007 UC Ninja HID Ninja 007 R Ninja HID Ninja 007 VR Ninja HID Ninja 007 SR
Ninja HID Ninja 008 R Ninja HID Ninja 008 VR Ninja HID Ninja 008 SR
Ninja HID Ninja 009 R Ninja HID Ninja 009 VR Ninja HID Ninja 009 SR
Ninja HID Ninja 010 VR Ninja HID Ninja 010 SR
Ninja HID Ninja SlashBreath R Ninja HID Ninja SlashBreath VR Ninja HID Ninja SlashBreath SR Ninja HID Ninja SlashBreath Founders SR
Ninja HID Ninja SlashTail UC Ninja HID Ninja SlashTail R Ninja HID Ninja SlashTail VR Ninja HID Ninja SlashTail SR
Dim Mak
Ninja HID Ninja SmokeDimMak R Ninja HID Ninja SmokeDimMak VR Ninja HID Ninja SmokeDimMak SR
Ninja HID Ninja StarsAssassin UCNinja HID Ninja StarsAssassin R Ninja HID Ninja StarsAssassin VR Ninja HID Ninja StarsAssassin SR Ninja HID Ninja StarsAssassin Founders SR
Shuriken Master
Ninja HID Ninja StarsRain VR
Ninja HID Ninja Swordmaster SR

Perks Edit

Icon Name Description Sub Class(es)
Icon Ninja Anatomy Lessons
Anatomy Lessons Increases edged melee crit hit chance by 20%. Poisoner
Icon Ninja Assassination
Assassination Dealing Sword damage grants one stack of Assassination, increasing the damage dealt by Swords by 5%. Lasts 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times. Brawler
Icon Ninja Poison Blade
Corrosive Blade Critical hits from the Ninja's edged weapons deal 30% of hit damage over time while reducing movement speed of target by 30%. If you also have Smoke Assassin, Corrosive Blade will take precedence when it can. The damage of Smoke Assassin and Corrosive Blade will not combine. Poisoner
Icon Ninja Dim Mak
Dim Mak Shadow Stance continually recharges the Ninja's shield at 20% of its usual rate. Dim Mak
Icon Ninja Easier Sword
Easier Sword Improves the energy cost reduction of Easy Sword to 80%. Assassin
Icon Ninja Easy Sword
Easy Sword Reduces sword combo attack energy cost by 60%. Assassin
Icon Ninja Five Winds Cut
Five Winds Cut Increases damage of edged melee weapons by 24%. Brawler
Icon Ninja Fleet
Fleet Increases movement speed by 12%. Fleetfoot
Icon Ninja Legendary Sword
Legendary Blade Do an additional 35% sword damage while Shadow Stance is active. Dragon
Icon Ninja Longsassin
Long-Sassin Increases the duration of Assassination to 11 seconds. Fleetfoot
Icon Ninja Mantis Leap
Mantis Leap Ninja can leap once more while already jumping. Can only be executed once per jump. All
Icon Ninja Masamune
Masamune Shadow Stance increases edged weapon damage during Shadow Stance by an additional 70%. Swordmaster
Icon Ninja Pain Mastery
Pain Mastery Assassination stacks now grants a 3% bonus, per stack, to critical hits with edged melee weapons. Brawler
Icon Ninja Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis The Ninja can leap higher, increasing the effectiveness of Mantis Leap. Assassin
Icon Ninja Shadow Stance
Shadow Stance After defeating an enemy with edged damage, the Ninja enters a Shadow Stance for 4 seconds. During Shadow Stance damage resistance is increased by 15%, Mantis Leap costs 60% less energy and the Ninja becomes more difficult to see. Stonefoot
Dim Mak
Icon Ninja Shadowier Stance
Shadowier Stance Increases the damage resistance granted by Shadow Stance to 30%. Dragon
Icon Ninja Shinobi
Shinobi Reduces Fall damage taken by 10%. All
Icon Ninja Soft Landing
Soft Landing Reduces fall damage by 40%. Fleetfoot
Icon Ninja Three Mantis Style
Three Mantis Style Reduces the energy cost of Mantis Leap by 50%. Fleetfoot
Icon Ninja Wind And Storm
Wind And Storm Stacks of Assassination provide 3% movement speed in addition to bonus damage. Fleetfoot

Abilities Edit

Icon Name Description Sub Class(es)
Icon Ninja 7 Points
7 Points The Ninja throws two additional throwing stars. Throw pattern: 1/3/3 Shuriken Master
Icon Ninja Breath Of The Dragon
Breath of the Dragon Dragon Slash has doubled its area of effect. Additionally increases the damage of Dragon Slash by 50%. Dragon
Icon Ninja Cascade
Cascade The Ninja throws one additional throwing star on the third toss. Throw pattern: 1/1/2 Skirmisher
Shuriken Master
Icon Ninja Poison Stars
Corrosive Stars Throwing Stars Afflict their targets, doing 25% of Throwing Stars damage every 3 seconds, for 6 seconds. Poisoner
Shuriken Master
Icon Ninja Crescent Kick
Crescent Kick A quick kick that does X damage, 800 impact, and stuns for 3 seconds. Brawler
Icon Ninja Deep Pockets
Deep Pockets Reduces the cost of Smoke Bomb to 25 energy. Stonefoot
Dim Mak
Icon Ninja Double Impact
Double Impact Doubles the impact of Crescent Kick. Stonefoot
Icon Ninja Dragon Slash
Dragon Slash Ninja springs forward 2 tiles, dealing X edged weapon damage to all enemies withing 0.5 tiles. All except Stonefoot
Icon Ninja Extra Long Fuse
Extra Long Fuse Increases the duration of Smoke Bomb's persistent cloud effect by 5 seconds. Stonefoot
Dim Mak
Icon Ninja Footloose
Footloose Increases stun time of Crescent Kick to 4 seconds. Stonefoot
Icon Ninja Hot Foot
Hot Foot Converts Crescent Kick to energy damage and increases base damage by 100%. Brawler
Icon Ninja Kickback
Kickback Reduce the energy cost of Crescent Kick to 15 Brawler
Icon Ninja Kicking And Screaming
Kicking and Screaming Crescent Kick applies Vulnerability to affected enemies, increasing damage taken from all sources by 40% on the target for 4 seconds. Brawler
Icon Ninja Now You See Me
Now You See Me The Ninja uses the distracting effects of Smoke Bomb to enter Shadow Stance. Dim Mak
Icon Ninja Quick Kick
Quick Kick Reduce the cooldown of Crescent Kick from 10 seconds to 6 seconds. Brawler
Icon Ninja Piercing Stars
Piercing Stars Throwing Stars pierce through their targets. Skirmisher
Shuriken Master
Icon Ninja Rain Of Death
Rain of Death The Ninja throws one additional throwing star on the second toss. Skirmisher
Shuriken Master
Icon Ninja Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire Reduces the cooldown of Throwing Stars to 3 seconds. Poisoner
Shuriken Master
Icon Ninja Return Of The Dragon
Return Of The Dragon Reduces the cost of Dragon Slash to 35 energy. Skirmisher
Icon Ninja Shroud Of The Dragon
Shroud of the Dragon Dragon Slash now activates Shadow Stance. Dragon
Icon Ninja Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb The Ninja throws down a smoke bomb, creating a cloud that persists for 5 seconds. The cloud slows all enemies inside by 30%, dealing X damage every second. All except Skirmisher and Poisoner
Icon Ninja Tail Of The Dragon
Tail of the Dragon Dragon Slash leaves a persistent trail of energy, damaging for 10.5% of Dragon Slash damage, every 0.5 seconds, and slowing enemies by 30% caught within the tail for 3 seconds. Skirmisher
Icon Ninja Throwing Stars
Throwing Stars The Ninja hurls throwing starts in a straight line. Throws 1 star three times in a quick series, dealing X edged weapon damage with each star. All except Brawler
Icon Ninja Trained Throw
Trained Throw Reduces the cost of Throwing Stars to 15 energy. Skirmisher
Shuriken Master
Icon Ninja Up In Smoke
Up In Smoke After using Smoke Bomb, move 30% more quickly for 15 seconds. Dim Mak
Icon Ninja Utility Belt
Utility Belt Reduces the cooldown of Smoke Bomb to 20 seconds. Dim Mak
Icon Ninja Wings Of The Dragon
Wings Of The Dragon Increases the length of the Dragon Slash to 3 tiles. Skirmisher

Squad Bonuses Edit

When put into a squad slot on the Hero screen, a ninja can give either a passive support or tactical bonus. Some require a certain Primary Hero to use. Abilities that have percentages change depending on the star level.

Support Icon Support Edit

Icon Name Description Sub Class
Icon Ninja Ability Damage
Ability Damage Increases all ability damage by 10%. Shuriken Master
Icon Ninja Anatomy Lessons
Anatomy Lessons Increase sword, axe, and scythe crit hit chance by 10%. Poisoner
Icon Ninja Caffeine High
Caffeine High Regenerate energy 12% more quickly. Skirmisher
Icon Ninja Endurance Training
Endurance Training Increase maximum energy by 16%. Assassin
Icon Ninja Five Winds Cut
Five Winds Cut Swordmaster
Icon Ninja Sword Critical Damage
Keen Edge Increases sword, axe, and scythe critical damage by X%. Brawler
Icon Ninja Quick Shield
Quick Shield Reduces shield regeneration delay by 10%. Dim Mak

Tactical Icon Tactical Edit

Icon Name Description Sub Class
Icon Constructor Bloody Bull
Bloody Bull Bull Rush Afflicts damaged targets, dealing 30% extra damage per second for 3 seconds.

Requires Constructor as Primary

Born to Kill For the duration of War Cry your maximum shields are increased by 25% of your base shield amount.

Requires Soldier as Primary

Icon Ninja Poisoner
Corrosion Critical hits from melee weapons deal 15% of hit damage every second for 3 seconds while reducing movement speed by 30%.

Applies to all Classes.

Icon Soldier Escape Artist
Escape Artist Requires Soldier as Primary Swordmaster
Hearty Strikes Every 4th hit with a melee weapon restores X base health. Alchemist
Pressure Points Anti-Material Charge slows enemy movement by 30% for 7 seconds.

Requires Outlander as Primary

Shuriken Master
Stormborne Melee kills increases movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Applies to all classes.


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