A group of monsters.

Monsters are enemies in the upcoming game Fortnite, by Epic Games.


Husks are humans who are now infected and turned inside out and wear their skin like hoodies.  They only spawn as of yet from thunder bolts from a storm cloud.  There is four different types of husks at the moment.


Smashers are brute force enemies whos sole porpose is to smash through a fort's defenses, and allow husks inside. Not much else has been released about smashers. But if you make metal walls in one place and wood ones in the other more smashers will go the metal walls.


Trolls will have the ability to phase through walls, and open doors for other monsters. They will also attempt to steal the players loot.


These monsters have one glowing arm and one arm ending in a hook, supposedly for attacking.  They spawn with smaller enemies that they throw over fort walls.

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