A group of monsters.

Monsters are enemies in the game Fortnite, by Epic Games.


Husks are humans who are now infected and turned inside out and wear their skin like hoodies. They spawn from thunder bolts from a storm cloud and encampments. There are four different types of husks at the moment.

Pitchers Edit

Pitchers are ranged enemies who will stand a small distance from their target, throwing flaming bones at them. They're identical to Husks but wearing a baseball outfit.

Lobbers Edit

Lobbers are long range enemies who will stand in the back, tossing flaming skulls in the air at their target. They are slim and slender with flaming hair, looking almost like husks, but wearing a dress. Lobbers have a high pitched scream to indicate they are in the area. They will also lob poison that, upon landing, will erupt in a gas cloud and damage nearby players.

Husky Husks Edit

Husky husks are a larger variant of the husks. They can take and deal more damage than normal husks. These also have a variant which is known a the Propane Husky Husk. These will carry a propane tank on their shoulder, and when close, throw the tank to the closest player or target. These can be shot and exploded prematurely. Shooting the tank multiple times will cause it to explode and deal massive damage to all nearby targets and structures. The tanks will drop on the ground when the propane husks has been eliminated, and can still be shot later. You can use them as traps, but they deal damage to players and structures too.

The Mist Monsters Edit

Smashers Edit

Smashers are brute force enemies whose sole purpose is to smash through a fort's defenses, and allow husks inside. Not much else has been released about smashers. But if you build metal walls in one place and wood ones in the other, more smashers will go the metal walls.

Takers Edit

Takers have the ability to phase through walls, and open doors for other monsters. They will also attempt to steal the players loot.

Flinger Edit

These monsters have one glowing arm and one arm ending in a hook, supposedly for attacking.  They spawn with smaller enemies that they throw over fort walls. Flingers are highly susceptible to melee weapon attacks.

Mimic Edit

Mimics are monsters which initially have the appearance of a loot chest. They can be recognized in thier chest form by slight movement (jumping etc.) and that they are not shown by Outlanders' "Keen Eyes" ability.

Mimics will transform appearance once fully "searched" while in chest form. Loot will be granted upon killing the monster that appears.

Blaster Edit

Blasters are tall slender monsters with glowing purple eyes. They shoot many terrifying purple laser beams at their enemies in rapid succession. Commonly between 6 or 8 consecutive blasts.

Elemental Types Edit


Water enemies are weak to Nature damage.


Fire enemies are strong against Nature damage. They leave a burn DOT after attacking. They also will automatically damage floors they walk over.


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