MEGABASE is a Constructor subclass and currently the only Constructor to be available in the highest rarity, mythic.

Description Edit

A BASE specialist, focused on maximum size, maximum damage, and great wall strength.

Abilities Edit

Icon Name Level Unlocked Description
Icon Constructor Creative Engineering
Creative Engineering Stars TierNumber 1 Increases build speed by 10%.

Reduces building cost 10%.

Icon Constructor Plasma Pulse
Plasma Pulse 1 Cost: 40 energy.

Cooldown: 45 Seconds.

Damage: 170.2 plasma energy damage. Deploys a device which emits exploding Plasma Pulses every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds.

Icon Constructor BASE
BASE 2 Cost: 100 energy.

Cooldown: 4 seconds.

The BASE alters the matter of connected building pieces.

Affected walls will deal a base of 4 energy damage to any enemy that attacks them in melee.

Attached structures gain 12% damage resistance.

Extends 4 segments from placement.

Only one BASE can be active at a time.

Icon Constructor Automated Defenses
Automated Defenses 5 Increases BASE connectivity by 1 building piece.
Icon Constructor Fast Build
Fast Build 8 Increases building construction speed by 24%.
Icon Constructor Bull Rush
Bull Rush Stars TierNumber 2 Cost: 30 energy.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds.

Does 127.7 blunt physical damage. The Constructor charges forward 3 tiles, collecting enemies on a shield, knocking them back at the end of the rush or when colliding with a wall.

Icon Constructor Electrified Floors
Electrified Floors 12 Enemies within the area affected by BASE take damage every 2 seconds.

Base Damage: 3 energy damage.

Icon Constructor Big Brother
Big Brother 15 Increases BASE connectivity by 1 building piece.
Icon Constructor Fully Contained
Fully Contained 18 Increases the damage reflected by BASE by 50%.
Icon Constructor Kinetic Overload
Kinetic Overload Stars TierNumber 3 Cooldown: 6 Seconds

Damage: 106.4 energy damage. Damage type is considered plasma as well as energy. Critical hits with hardware melee weapons trigger a Kinetic Overload, dealing additional damage and knockback to the target. Can trigger once every 6 seconds.

Icon Constructor Lofty Architecture
Lofty Architecture 25 Increases health of buildings within area of BASE by 15%.
Icon Constructor MegaBASE
Mega BASE 30 Increases BASE connectivity by 2 building pieces.