7 PointsAbilityAchievements and trophies
Actuated AttacksAdvanced TacticsAin't Done Yet!
Ammo Recovery IAnatomy LessonsArmor
ArmoryAssassinationAssault Damage
Assault RiflesAutomated DefensesAxe
BannersBaseball batBattle Royale
Big BrotherBigger is BetterBlaster
BrawlerBreath of the DragonBuilding
Bull RushBulletproof vestCanny Valley
CascadeCeiling Electric FieldCeiling Gas Trap
Ceiling ZapperClean LivingClubs
Cluster BombCollection BookCombatants' Might
Corrosive BladeCorrosive StarsCrafting
Crafting IngredientsCreative EngineeringCrescent Kick
CrossbowDECOYDay and night
Debilitating ShotsDeep PocketsDefender Squads
DefendersDim Mak (ability)Dim Mak (character)
Dive BarDoppler EffectDouble Impact
Dragon SlashDurrr BurgerDurrr Burger hat
Easier SwordEasy OperationEasy Sword
Electric BoltsElectric boltsElectrified Floors
Electro-pulseEmergency OverrideEnergy Regen
Epic GamesEvolutionExit Plan
Explosive OptimizationExtra Long FuseF.O.R.T.
Faster ExitFibrous HerbsFight or Flight
Fire axeFirewallFive Winds Cut
Flak VestFleetFlinger
Floor LauncherFootlooseFortnite
Fortnite WikiFrag GrenadeFully Contained
Get Ready for a Surprise!Goin' AgainGoin' Commando!!!
Going and GoingGrease the WheelsGrenade Damage
Hammer Critical ChanceHammer Critical DamageHardware
Healing PadHealthyHeavily Armored
Hero XPHeroesHomebase Power
Homebase Storm ShieldHorde BashHot Foot
I'm Just Not User-FriendlyI.F.F. CodingKeep Out!!!
KickbackKicking and ScreamingKinetic Overdrive
Kinetic OverloadKneecapperLead pipe
LeadershipLegendary BladeLeveling
Lingering PainLlamaLobbers
LocationsLofty ArchitectureLong-Sassin
Make It RainMantis LeapMap Locations
MasamuneMega B.A.S.E.Mighty Roar
Nice and SlowNinjaNo Time to Bleed
Now You See MeNuts 'n' BoltsOne Hot Minute
OutlanderPain MasteryPatrol Ward
PeoplePeople Can FlyPerfect Engineering
PickaxePiercing StarsPistol
PlankertonPlasma OverdrivePlasma Pulse
Plasma ShielderPlayer versus playerPower Impact
Power ModulationPower PulsePracticed in Combat
Praying MantisProsthetic limbProximity mine
Pull the PinPure Drop of RainPylon (armor)
Pylon (booster)Quick ClipQuick Kick
RainFasterRain of DeathRapid Fire
RecyclingRepair CostResources
Retractable Floor SpikesReturn Of The DragonRevolver
Ride the LightningRiot ShieldRotating Gizmo
Rough OreRucksackSafety Protocols
Schematic XPSchematicsScythe
Secondary AbilityShadow StanceShadowier Stance
ShotgunShroud of the DragonSkill Tree
Smoke BombSoft LandingSoldier
SombreroSpearsSpoils of War
SquadsSteady AimStonewood
Storm TicketsSupport Squad BonusSurvivalist (ability)
Survivalist (character)Survive the StormSurvivor Squads
Survivor XPSurvivorsSwords
Tail of the DragonTakersTank
TasksTeammate XP BoostThere Are Many Like It...
Three Mantis StyleThrowing StarsTightrope
Trained ThrowTrapsTwine Peaks
Up In SmokeUpgrade LlamaUpgrades
Utility BeltV-BucksVehicles
Viking hatWall DartsWall Dynamo
Wall LauncherWall LightsWall Spikes
War CryWaste Not Want NotWeapon
What Doesn't Kill You...Wind And StormWings Of The Dragon
WoodWooden Floor SpikesXP Boost
You're Coming with Me

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