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Llamas are the "lootboxes" in Fortnite. There are many types of llamas, such as mini llamas, upgrade llamas, people llamas, weapon llamas, ranged weapon llamas, launch event llamas, daily special llamas and more.

To open a llama, go to the Loot tab in the Homebase Menu. If the player has llamas available they will immediately be able to open them. If not, then they will see options to purchase more.  Mini llamas can be earned in missions and will only appear if earned, upgrade llamas can be purchased for 100 V-Bucks, Storm llamas can now be purchased for 1,000 storm tickets, and there will be one other llama that changes every few hours.

Llama Price Available Rotating?
Mini llamas Mission reward Yes No
Upgrade llamas 100 V-Bucks or as a Daily Reward Yes No
People Llamas Yes Yes
Weapon Llamas Yes Yes
Ranged Weapon Llamas 350 V-Bucks Yes Yes
Daily Special Llamas

Event Llamas Edit

Storm Llamas: During the Storm Event, players are able to earn Storm Tickets and purchase special Storm Llamas for 1,000 storm tickets. Storm Llamas contain at least one Epic or higher limited time Hydraulic weapon or Hero.

Launch Event Llamas: These llamas could be purchased during the Launch Event with Founder's Coins.

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