Limited Time Modes are a type of game mode available in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They often add a unique twist to the default game mode.

List of Limited Time Modes Edit

  • 50v50, in which there are 2 teams of 50. In 50v50 V2, 2 Battle Buses fly into the map, each carrying a team. The final circle is always shown at the start of the game. Stats are not recorded.
  • 8 Teams of 12, in which there are 8 teams consisting of 12 members.
  • Blitz, a faster-paced version of Battle Royale.
  • Blitz Showdown, where the highest ranking players in their region that played the mode received 20,000 V-Bucks. In this mode, the Storm moves in a lot faster than in a normal Solo game, and the first circle is shown at the start of the game. More materials are also farmed.
  • Close Encounters, in which only Shotguns and Jetpacks spawned in the map.
  • Disco Domination, in there are 2 teams of 50. Winning by capturing and dancing 5 different dancing floors.
  • Food Fight, a tower defense type of game mode
  • Fortnitemares, a game mode in which obelisks spawn monsters in a solo, duo, and squad
  • Getaway, in which teams compete to recover safes and escape the map.
  • High Explosives and V2, in which there are only explosive weapons, like the RPG, Grenades, and Grenade Launchers (The Guided Missile was included in High Explosives V2).
  • Infinity Gauntlet, where one player can become Thanos, the main antagonist from Avengers: Infinity War.
  • Playground, which gives the player approximately one hour to battle, build, and loot along with 3 others.
  • Score Royale, where score determines the winner opposed to the regular Battle Royale format.
  • Soaring Solos: Classic Battle Royale with gliders that can be re-deployed by pressing Jump when falling from large heights.
  • Solid Gold and V2, in which there are only Legendary drops.
  • Solo Showdown, where the highest ranking player in the world that played the mode will receive 50,000 V-Bucks.
  • Sneaky Silencer, in which suppressed weapons and Bushes spawn very frequently.
  • Sniper Shootout, in which only snipers and Revolvers are used to battle an enemy. In Sniper Shootout V2, the Crossbow and Hunting Rifle replaced the Revolver. In Sniper Shootout V3, the Crossbow was removed and the Scoped Assault Rifle and the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle were added.
  • Steady Storm, where the storm does not stop until a team wins or the storm covers the map.
  • Team Terror, in which players battle it out as Cube Monsters join the fight.
  • Teams of 20, in which there are 5 teams of 20. In Teams of 20 V2, 5 Battle Buses fly into the map, each carrying a team.
  • Wild West, in which players have a limited selection of weapons and items.