Husks are Monsters in Fortnite. They were once humans who are now infected and turned inside out ,and wear their skin like hoodies. They can smash through Wooden Objects  and attack your Character.  There are three special types of husks.

Pitcher HuskEdit

Pitcher Husk gif

This type of husk is a basic projectile enemies that can attack from a distance with bones.  They can be seen wearing a worn baseball outfit with a baseball helmet strapped to the hip, where the projectiles are contained.

Exploding HuskEdit


These are large enemies seen carrying a propane tank.  These explode when killed, damaging anything nearby.  These can be used to an advantage if you want to destroy a large group of enemies from a distance.

Beehive-Head Husk Edit

Seen in recent game-play videos, this Husk attacks like any normal Husk yet is surrounded by a swarm of bees that damage any nearby survivors.

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