Durrr Burger occupied by monsters.

Durr burger is a place in Fortnite that was

used for producing durr burgers. The durr burgers were of rather low quality. In the game, the durrburgers were only rendered in 144p. The duur burgers are well known. The famous celebrity, who was the Priest named Juan Pole the fifth, exclaimed “A ha! The durr boogers are delicious to eat”. It is rumored that Priset John Poll the Filth has actually at one part consumed a durrr burger. However, this fact remains unconfirmed. When  playing the “Fort Night” video game, the Durr Burgers are edible. They can be dranken to increase your health or shield by 50. 3) Shields can be used to deflect slash damage from an attacker. When you eat a durr burger, you character randomly breaks into the t pose emote. This is very INCONVIENT when you are fighting FaZe DuRr and you start tposing. Fortunately, you can still use facebook and mobile app to clean the inventory of your Fort Night character. TThie remedy for this problem is simple. Step one buy a PS4 Controller or take one form someone. Remove the battery. Stuff a real life burger into the PS5 controller. Put the PS6 controller inside a Walmart. Wait for someone to buy the PS7 controller. When they go home, they will exclaim angrily: “Why is my PS8 controller not working? T”hey will throw the PS9 controller at the wall. Then they will burn th PS10 controller once the PS11 controller is burned then you will be freed from your terrifying terrific totally fab tpose curse and you will be wise to never eat a durr burger again. If you do, Doctor Vinderrburgertechnology will see you. Four out of five dentists agree that being seen by doctor Von Count Vaca is not good for your health. Since most dentists know about floss, and flossing is in fortnite, you wold be wise to follow their advicse/or else you aint finna be happy.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Vindertech event, one of the quests is to find a Durrr Burger.