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BluGlo is the "power source" of Fortnite. It can only be found and used in missions. It's used to power up mission objectives. It's found scattered all around the map, and it can also be obtained by playing "Whack the troll" or destroying Anomalies. Any BluGlo left in your inventory when the mission is complete will be removed.

Usage Edit

BluGlo has a variety of usages in Missions.


On every Mission there are 5 pylons with boosts. Each of them costs 2 BluGlo to activate.

Those Boosts inlcude:

-Shield Boost

-Health Boost

-Speed Boost

-Build Boost

-Energy Boost

There is a pylon to up the difficulty which also costs 2 BluGlo

Mission Objectives:

Most mission involving protecting or activating something. You need BluGlo to trigger following actions:

-Activating Ride the Lightning Mission: 2 BluGlo/Wave

-Activating Atlases: 1 BluGlo Each

-Activate Defend the Bomb: 4 BluGlo

Source Edit

BluGlo appears in random locations around the map and can be gathered by holding X. There are a multitude of "mini-games" you can complete to obtain more BluGlo.

Following Methods are known:

-Whack a Troll: If you hear BluGlo with a laugh nearby, there is a troll that will steal your BluGlo if attempted to collect. Whacking the troll gives you a gift and drops 2 BluGlo.

-Anomalies: Destroying and then collecting the Anomaly Shards grants you 4 BluGlo.

-BluGlo Siphon: Defend the Siphon against up to 3 Waves of Enemies. Each Wave gives you more BluGlo in the end but are also more difficult. You can get (depending on Wave) up to 12 BluGlo. In between waves, you can choose to start the next wave or collect siphoned BluGlo.

-BluGlo Drops: If a player disconnects and they had BluGlo on them, the BluGlo in their inventory drops and can be picked up by other players.