With a balance between moderate swing speed and knockback, axes provide sustained damage focusing on strong individual blows. Some axes are heavy, slower and deal more damage. All axes also have a Secondary Ability like Chop or Double chop.

While they can technically be used to break down objects such as trees, it's not very ideal compared to using the pickaxe, especially as they do less damage with each hit and cause one's melee weapon's condition to deteriorate.

Boot Axes Edit

Icon Weapons SK SkiBoot SkiBoot L
  • A very fast improvised axe with fair damage and knockback.
  • Heavy attack - Quick chop- Attack that deals increased damage and knockback

Medium Axes Edit

Icon Weapons SK FiremanAxe L
  • Versatile weapon that combines a moderate swing speed with good damage and knockback.
  • Heavy attack - Double Chop- Attack that damages and knocks back enemies in a wide cone.

Heavy Axes Edit

Icon Weapons SK Medi BatAxe L
  • Slow-swinging axe that deals high damage and knockback.suck dicks.Laser Axes
Icon Weapons FireAxe Advanced L
  • Heavy Attack