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Which one is better

  • GREY PISTOL !!!!!
  • gold scar
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Conbien vous avez fait de cille

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  • où plus encore
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Landing location for easy trap kill (comment any I missed)

  • tilted
  • tomato
  • pleasant park
  • risky reels
  • haunted hill/castle name which in comments
  • snobby
  • junk junction
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Omg my CripyPasta

Well just notice that in Fortni tree people are force to be drop in places the store is child that you have to buy for them to fight with you so is like a Dark Web and it's a place where the more the skins are in the shop or the most you wear the. Their faces get lower and all are depressed as when first drop in the store think they think is gonna be a fun place sort of following the Holocaust where they think that is gonna be a great place and is fun.But in reality they are gonna die in sort of an abuse place where the map changes caused the child's a re trying to escape and planning a way where the Bunker was built like the Slavery scape under ground but they got discover and had to stop but now they brought the Skool Trooper he is old in this and he is trying to help the child get away caused he try but coundlt.
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Wich location is the best? (if i missed something just comment)

  • Tilted T
  • Pleasent
  • Loot Lake
  • Shifty Shafts
  • Paradise Palms
  • Viking mountain
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Emote Request

If you can add ANY emote to Fortnite, what would it be?
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Where are the three

Timed trails
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What's the best comment the worst

  • legendary scar
  • legendary burst
  • legendary silenced scar
  • legendary superseded postol
  • legendary rpg
  • legendary bolt
  • legendary heavy
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If you could remove any of these locations, which one would it be?

  • Junk Junction
  • Salty Springs
  • Lucky Landing
  • Flush Factory
  • The factories next to Flush
  • Shifty Shafts
  • Tilted Towers
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You guys ready for the tournaments coming out this week?
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Ghost Portal bling

If you're curious as to what the Ghost Portal Back Bling does, looks like it's a bit different than the normal Back Blings. This one interacts with the player's kill count, glowing brighter and leaving a trail. Sweet :)

The Ghost Portal Is The First Back Bling to Interact to Fortnite Kills | Fortnite INTEL
The Ghost Portal Is The First Back Bling to Interact to Fortnite Kills | Fortnite INTEL Fortnite INTEL
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"Epic" Lawsuit

See what I did there? :P Joking aside, I thought Epic might be going after itself for that YouTube video. Okay, now joking aside. Looks like two Fortnite players are being sued by Epic because they were not only using but selling cheating programs :/ Yeesh. Looks like a win for Epic, tbh.

'Fortnite' Player Sued by Epic Games for Selling Cheats
'Fortnite' Player Sued by Epic Games for Selling Cheats WWG
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Streamers... Who is better/your favourite?

  • Tfue
  • TSM_Myth
  • TSM_Deaquan
  • TSM_Hamlinz
  • Ninja
  • Faze_Cizzorz
  • Ali-A
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